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Here are a few comebacks to choose from the next time someone calls you ugly: Excuse me, I’m not a mirror. I’m sorry, I was trying to look like you. I’m not sure what you’re trying to accomplish with this insult, but congratulations, you’ve succeeded in making yourself look foolish. Your mom thinks otherwise.The subreddit /r/clevercomebacks is Reddit's home for the most clever comebacks of all, as you may have guessed from the name. Here, social media users can be seen ripping into one another with sharp rebuttals and simple statements that can make the original poster seem pretty idiotic. We've gathered some of our favorite times this has happened ...So, here are the top 15 good roasts for Roblox that you can use for kids: ur parents hate u. ur six. ur adopted. i wud rap but i decide to be good wid kids. When you win against them, say: “need more practice kid”. u hav such a beautiful face for a pile of garbage.27. "Let me just add that to my mental spam folder.". - A funny comeback for advice or nagging that you intend to ignore. 28. "Hang on, let me ask my imaginary butler to note that down.". - When they're asking you to remember or do something you have no intention of doing. 29.After watching, you should be able to roast your friends and family!#comebacks #roasts Corncob - Country by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Common...Memorize these snarky comebacks to always have one ready: "I'd explain it to you, but I left my puppets and crayons at home.". "I don't have the patience or crayons to explain this to you.". "Bless your heart for trying.". "Your face is perfect for Hallowen.". "I'd agree with you but then we'd both be wrong.".Roast and Toast (One-liner Puns) 1. I was going to tell a roast joke, but it's a little too toast-y. 2. I burnt my roast, but it's okay, I like my food well done. 3. My roast was so bad, it should have come with a fire extinguisher. 4. They asked me to roast their chicken, but I think I took it too literally.If you're looking for a comeback the next time someone swears at you, here they are: Ouch. That hurt almost as much as looking at your face. Your a** must be envious of all the nonsense that comes out of your mouth. You have the rest of your life to be a jerk.1. I’m listening. Just give me a moment to process so much stupid information all at once. Some of us just need more time to process information. 2. It’s so …You're about as useful as an ashtray on a motorcycle. The last time I saw something like you…. I flushed. Grab a straw, because you suck. Don't worry about me. Worry about your eyebrows. You're a grey sprinkle on a rainbow cupcake. Hey, you have something on your chin. No, the third one down.Revenge is the best served cold in a clever comeback and this expression proves it. A comeback like this sarcastically implies that the insulter's opinion on the speaker's music is unwelcome and irrelevant. It suggests that the speaker is not concerned with the insulter's judgment.Even Dogs Are Afraid of You. Another iconic roast line that’ll cause a sting is, “Even dogs are afraid of you.”. This is another interesting way to roast someone in dreads. Saying that even a dog is scared of them will cause some laughter. It’s a funny way to say they have a scary appearance. Here are some examples:If your ego was a planet, it would be TooBigForItsOwnSystem. Brush the person off with this line. If you want to roast someone for having a bloated ego, then you intend to brush them off for portraying poor pride and confidence management. And when this ego sets in, they rub it off on others. However, with this line, you’re implying that if ...In recent years, there has been a noticeable resurgence of 90s R&B remixes in popular culture. These remixes are not only capturing the attention of nostalgic millennials but also ...20 Good Comebacks When Someone Makes Fun Of Your Forehead. “My forehead helps store my big brain. I see you don’t have one,” is one of the best comebacks to give when someone makes fun of your forehead. But other alternatives are depending on what you want to achieve with your reply. It can hurt when people start teasing you about your ...But, these days, people are calling out tall people with hilarious jokes too. So, if you're tall, don't be too quick to count yourself safe from some good roasting. In this article, I've compiled a list of funny insults for tall people. So, if you've got a tall friend you'd like to tease, this article has got you covered.142+ Good Roasts, Best Comebacks & Funny Insults - Happily Lover. From clever wordplay to cheeky observations, good roasts will tickle the funny bone and spark …Photo by Ekateryna Zubal on shutterstock. 16 “You should be thankful someone besides your mother liked you.”. This is a good way to get back at a friend who calls you annoying. This is considered a joke, so make sure it sounds like one when you say it. 17 “And there we have it: Your daily dose of ruining the day.”.While rising interest rates have caused more than a few financial institutions to topple, a group of well-known fintechs are showing signs of a comeback. While rapidly rising inter...161 Good Roasts & Funny Comebacks To Win Any Argument. Extras | December 13, 2023. Ever been in an argument and wished you had the perfect comeback? If you want …Good Comebacks in an Argument. You don’t have to deal with the bad office jokes that are borderline insulting. Don’t keep your silence when they’re roasting you or your friends. You can mitigate the situation by making something good out of it, like a funny comeback perhaps.Top 5 Best Comebacks. Here are our top 5 best comebacks to insults in an argument. Arm yourself for your next insult battle now! I’d give you a nasty look but you’ve already got one. If you’re going to be two-faced, at least make one of them pretty. I love what you’ve done with your hair.Mar 22, 2022 · Good Comebacks. 1. Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize that you're an expert on my life and how I should live it. Please continue while I take notes. Make sure to use extra sarcasm. 2. When somebody ...When it comes to outfitting your kitchen with essential pots and pans, a roasting pan is one of the best pans to include in your cooking arsenal. It’s ideal for roasting turkeys, a...You want to keep your distance from this annoying friend. 11. "So that's your opinion. Now let me share what I think about you.". You heard enough from them. And, now it's your turn to say and you're going to be honest with them. 12. "Being with you makes no sense, so I choose to leave now.".Good roasting comebacks are well-crafted retorts that effectively counter or deflect insults or criticism in a humorous or witty manner. For example, when someone says, "You're so dumb, you couldn't find your way out of a paper bag," a good comeback might be, "Well, at least I'm not lost in your mind." ...Asparagus is a versatile and nutritious vegetable that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Whether you prefer it grilled, roasted, or sautéed, there are endless possibilities when...But, these days, people are calling out tall people with hilarious jokes too. So, if you're tall, don't be too quick to count yourself safe from some good roasting. In this article, I've compiled a list of funny insults for tall people. So, if you've got a tall friend you'd like to tease, this article has got you covered.25 Best Fat People Jokes: You’re so fat; if you go outside now, you’d be arrested for breaking social distancing guidelines. “Never Make fun of a fat person; they already have enough on their plates.”. “He’s so fat; if he went camping with us, the bears would be too occupied hiding their food so we’d be safe.”.4. “Don’t worry about my looks. My personality will fix that.”. You’re confident that you might not have a perfect face. But you’re confident enough to bring positive vibes with your personality. This will upset this person as their attempt to make fun of your look failed. 5. “I might be ugly as you say.Find good comebacks and roasts for various situations, from arguments to humor. See examples of sarcastic, insulting, and dark humor roasts that can make you laugh or …It No Longer Makes Any Sense. "It no longer makes any sense" is another fantastic comeback for someone who says, "You smelt it, you dealt it.". This is another savage punchline that focuses the attention on them. First, it's an intelligent response that shows that you're unfazed by their trickery.Comeback: I can't exactly help you with your head. But if you want something up your ass, I'd be happy to shove my foot up it. - hhhdhdjjdhdgrbfbdhd. Roses are red, violets are blue, I have 5 fingers, the 3rd ones for you. Comeback: Roses are red, weed is greener, you just earned yourself a kick in the wiener. - Amaru.A more cutting roast, implying that Karen's life is already so absurd or unfortunate that it's beyond parody. #14 - "You put the 'K' in 'Khaos', Karen.". A playful way of saying Karen is synonymous with chaos, even misspelling 'chaos' to fit her name. #15 - "Karen, with all the drama you bring, I'm surprised you're ...Nope, you’re still a b*tch. I can tell when you’re lying. Your lips are moving. My alone time is meant for your safety. I get so emotional when you’re not around. The emotion is happiness, by the way. I tried to put myself in your shoes, but they were cheap and ugly just like you. It’s okay if you don’t like me.Comedy queen Joan Rivers schools the Roast dais with the most savage comebacks of all time.Paramount+ is here! Stream all your favorite shows now on Paramoun...I'm not weird, I just fall outside of your narrow view of the world. In the land of the witless, you'd be the king. It is okay if you don't like me. Not everyone has good taste. Your lips are moving, but all I hear is blah, blah, blah. I'm jealous of people who don't know you. Your words, not mine.1. Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize that you're an expert on my life and how I should live it. Please continue while I take notes. Make sure to use extra sarcasm. 2. When somebody says that you are...Introduction. Brace yourself for a laughter-filled adventure as we dive into the world of playful roasting with our 'You Built Like…' jokes. These one liners take a lighthearted approach to comparisons, offering a delightful twist on the classic art of teasing. Get ready to giggle and share the joy of good-natured banter!Why don’t you get into something more comfortable, like a coma. 6. Mirrors can’t talk, and lucky for you, they can’t laugh either. 7. I would slap you, but someone might call animal control. 8. Light travels faster than sound, which is why I thought you were bright until you spoke.Not just any comeback — a really, really good comeback. Yeah, same. Tap to play GIF ... This simple *roast*: View this post on 35. This potentially market-changing remark:You suck at bullying, so you should seriously consider another hobby.". This is a good example of what to say when someone calls you gay because calling someone gay isn't an insult. It says the person failed at being mean to you, and you're unaffected. 08 "I have nothing to prove to you. You're obviously brain dead.".Good Comebacks to Smartasses. In managing conflicts with skilled communicators or smartasses, verbal judo offers specific methods to maintain control and de-escalate the situation. Try to ask them disarming questions to shift the conversation's focus and regain control. Or compliment them and redirect the conversation to your agenda.Nov 26, 2020 · The best part about a good witty comeback is that you don’t have to be mean or aggressive to get a one-up on a bully. Sure, there is a passive-aggressive undertone. But on the surface, you’re just giving a smart reply that makes them look, and possibly feel stupid. And, let’s be honest here, most bullies aren’t the smartest people.3. "Shocker, the world doesn't actually revolve around you!". This snappy response calls out their underlying self-importance and entitlement. It highlights how they wrongly expect everyone to cater to their wants. When to use: Anytime someone rudely complains you didn't ask if they want to hear something.Lean in, big guy. Another comeback that doesn't miss: "Oooh, you wanna kiss me so bad." If someone is angry—or obsessed—enough with you, the insinuation that they in fact harbor affection ...Here are some of the best dirty comebacks: I don’t know what your problem is, but I bet it’s hard to spell. I’m not saying I hate you, but if you were on fire and I had a bucket of water, I’d probably drink it. You’re like a broken pencil: pointless. I’m not insulting you…I’m describing you.This phrase is often used as an insult to someone who is obsessively devoted to their work or a particular hobby. For example, if you are always talking about your job, the person might say, “ You need to get a life and stop talking about work all the time. In this case, they are telling you that you should try to have a more well-rounded ...2. You’re a gray sprinkle on a rainbow cupcake. 3. If your brain was dynamite, there wouldn’t be enough to blow your hat off. 4. You are more disappointing than an unsalted pretzel. 5. Light travels faster than sound, which is …That's the energy you want behind this line when you say it. #3: "I know I have the right to remain silent. I just don't have the ability.". Some of the best comebacks are sarcastic ones, and this is a prime example. It doesn't matter if you come off as lame or unfunny—the key is to annoy the person who hushed you.In the case of snide remarks, if you know your colleague has a tendency to make them, train your brain to listen to his or her words carefully and be prepared to remark quickly to defuse the ...These good comebacks, from funny comebacks to sick burns, will help you win any argument. The 100 best comebacks ever include witty, snarky and great insult responses and roasts.15. "Our parents already know you won't be good enough. So, they have to bring me here.". Well, if you end up being targeted by adoption jokes, have this as your savage comeback. You can share this with your older sibling who tries to disturb you. 16. "I don't want to hate you, but I can't do any further than that.".It’s a funny way to let them know they’re not good with their roasting skill. Also, it’s a great comeback when they’re being insulting. I’m Not Hurt, I’m Just Worried About Your Ugly Personality “I’m not hurt, I’m just worried about your ugly personality” is another funny way to jest a 12-year-old. This is another beautiful ...August 2, 2023March 2, 2024 Entertainment Mindset Performance Relationship by Igor Ovsyannnykov. 100 Hilarious Insults and Comebacks You Should Know. Last Updated on March 2, 2024. In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, finding time to unwind is becoming more of a luxury than a necessity. We get so caught up in whatever business, school ...Table of Contents. Below are 20 Funny Roasts for Your Mom Without Getting into Trouble. 1. Mom, you're my personal Siri. I can always count on you for answers and advice. 2. You're the CEO of the household - Chief Encouragement Officer. 3. Mom, you're like a superhero without a cape.3. The Brainy Barber. The person who thinks they're smart will hear this roast and not get it at first. At least not until the end when they realize the roast is not about literal hair. This roast also exposes the person for the half wit they may be. Deliver this roast with a smile, in a cool, nonchalant tone....

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We've all witnessed how a bully tears apart an innocent, naive kid. Some of us have been the victim themselves. The point i...

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You can either act indifferent, ignore them, walk away, or engage in a roast duel with them. Here are 10 things you can do when s...

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Here are a few comebacks to choose from the next time someone calls you ugly: Excuse me, I’m not a mirror. I’m sorry, I was tryin...

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